Here’s what people are saying about Jacquie LaRocque and Compass Rose

Here’s what people are saying about Jacquie LaRocque and Compass Rose

Inimitable execution

“In official circles, Jacquie LaRocque is her own brand.”
—Nik Nanos, President, Nanos Research


Unique understanding

“Jacquie has a unique understanding of the dynamic between communications and policy, and how, when worked seamlessly together, they form the basis for sound strategy. She provides candid, smart advice, and critical thinking. Her ability to size up all sides of an issue through the lenses of the public service, the government and private sector is a great strength.

The foundation of Jacquie’s success is in the strength of the relationships she builds and her grasp of the people part of the business—her clients know where they stand and where they are going.”
—Robert Fonberg, former Deputy Minister of National Defense and of International Trade, former Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet and Special Advisor to the clerk of the Privy Council


Inspiring energy and passion

“I have known Jacqueline LaRocque for more than nine years. Her commitment to working with the charitable sector has been inspiring. She has supported and championed several important charitable causes. She is generous with her advice, time and connections. Jacquie ‎is a pleasure to work with on any initiative. Her passion and energy are inspiring.”
—Monique Doolittle-Romas, CEO, Canadian AIDS Society


Refreshing approach

“I met Jacquie when I was a columnist arriving in an Ottawa under majority Liberal rule. Given there wasn’t a Liberal seat within 200 kilometres of our circulation zone, I was basically a press gallery pariah in the ruling party. For reasons I’ve never completely understood, but as a gesture I’ll never forget, Jacquie reached out and invited me to lunch with her boss, the Trade Minister, arguing that he needed to meet reporters, even if they came from alien territory. Jacquie’s is a refreshing public relations approach that remains much appreciated.”
—Don Martin, Host of Power Play, CTV

Does the impossible

“Jacquie is an extremely talented strategic thinker. She is able to succeed when it seems impossible and is a tremendous relationship builder in the professional world. Jacquie is a wonder. ”
—Andrea Lanthier, former colleague

A non-partisan and genuine approach

“We have worked with Jacquie for years and have found her non-partisan and genuine approach extremely helpful. We’re grateful for her strategic insight and outstanding efforts on our behalf.”
—Former client in the public policy sector


A wide-ranging business acumen

“Jacquie is a trusted and loyal advisor with a wide-ranging business acumen that few possess. She works hard, is forceful but also empathetic and diligent. She works tirelessly on your behalf and puts you first. She is highly political but not partisan and respects the public service and stakeholders immensely. She’ll always be honest to a fault.”
—Jim Peterson, Counsel and former Minister of International Trade


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